Our advertising agency, having an international background, has been known since 2002 as the specialist of social communication and fundraising in Hungary. We ranked 5th globally on the Effie Effectiveness list of the most efficient independent agencies in the government and non-profit categories in 2015, stepped forward to 3rd position in 2016, and in 2017 we were the 2nd best on this list!

By our activities we aim to help more and more non-profit organizations in Hungary to do their fundraising and communications activities in a professional and ethical way, with independent and solid finances assured by the donations of tens of thousands of individuals.

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Our non-profit clients benefit from the synergy of a complex range of services in communication, brand building and fundraising.

We know, that non-profit communication compared to commercial advertising entails even more responsibility: the good investment of donations is at stake.

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Achievements we are proud of:

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